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Georgian State Is Implementing Reforms For The European Integration Process - Minister

ილია დარჩიაშვილი
Natiko Taktakishvili
30.04.24 19:00

Georgian Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili on Tuesday highlighted the country’s “civilisational choice” of integration into the European Union in his address to an informal meeting of the General Affairs Council of the bloc, hosted in Brussels to mark the 20th anniversary of 2004 enlargement of the EU.

Darchiashvili highlighted the importance of Georgia joining the bloc by emphasising the choice was reflected in the country's constitution, the foreign office said.

Georgian FM told the audience about challenges including the occupation of the country’s territories by Russia and “threats caused by the ongoing processes” in the Black Sea region. The Minister added his Government was carrying out reforms to approach EU standards on the backdrop of the difficult situation.

Darchiashvili noted the Georgian state was “continuing to actively work with European partners” in implementation of reforms for the European integration process, expressing hope that Georgia would achieve “another success in this direction”.

The Government official also met with Hadja Lahbib, the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Affairs and Foreign Trade, and thanked her for the invitation to the events celebrating the 20th anniversary of the EU enlargement.

Darchiashvili said it was an “honour to represent a country that was granted the EU membership candidate status” by the European Council, and said he hoped Belgium would continue to support Georgia in its European integration.

On the sidelines of his visit to Brussels, the Minister also had an introductory meeting with his Latvian colleague Baiba Braže and also held a discussion with Xavier Bettel, the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg.

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