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The Budget And Finance Committee Approved The Final Draft Of The State Budget 2022

14.12.22 18:00
The Committee discussed and approved the final Draft State Budget 2022, introduced by the First Deputy Finance Minister, Giorgi Kakauridze; as he noted, no new changes have been introduced to the Draft after the Committee considerations; the Draft updates the macroeconomic forecasts.

According to the 10-month data, the economic growth has been increased from 8,5% to 10% and hence, it changes the real economic growth forecast, namely, the GDP devaluation is being corrected based on the preceding factors. The tax incomes are increased by GEL 526 million, where GEL 492 million is the share of the State Budget and GEL 34 million – share of the municipal budgets. Hereof sums will be consumed on various directions.

As the reporter noted, the changes concern the assignments of three Ministries – Economic and Sustainable Development; IDPs, Labor, Health and Social Protection; and Culture, Sports and Youth. The Economic Ministry will have an extra GEL 330 million, the assignments of the Health Ministry are increased by GEL 95 million, and the Culture Ministry will enjoy a budget increased by GEL 70 million.

The assignments for the State Special Protection Service are increased by GEL 2,4 million; and providing the deficit in the municipal incomes, the special transfer for the municipalities is increased by GEL 10 million.

The Committee approved the Draft, which is to be discussed at the plenary session on Wednesday.

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