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The First Round of Consultations with Working Abroad Georgian Physicians in the Format of Advisory Board Completed

Natia Taktakishvili
03.06.22 10:00
The first round of consultations between Minister of Health of Georgia and working abroad Georgian physicians in the format of the Advisory Board has been completed.

Zurab Azarashvili studied existing in the USA and Europe practices in terms of quality and accessibility of medical services, mechanisms of professional development of medical personnel.

During an online meeting members of the Advisory Boards shared with the representatives of the Ministry their own experience and discussed the ways of overcoming existing challenges. They stressed importance of continuing medical education, recertification of doctors and primary healthcare.

The second round of consultations in the format of the Advisory Board will be conducted in the nearest future. A concrete Action Plan will be discussed during these consultations.

The Advisory Board was established by the initiative of the Minister of Health.

The Board is composed of successful clinicians of various specializations working in world’s leading clinics. They will participate in development of mechanism for improved quality and accessibility of medical services in Georgia.

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