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"There should not be more than six persons at a table" - What requirements must restaurants abide by after reopening?

29.05.20 19:26

After reopening, restaurants must abide by the recommendations of the Health Ministry that tables not stand less than two meters apart in closed area restaurants.

Moreover, there should not be more than six persons at a table with no less than one meter distance between them.

Closed spaces should be provided with natural ventilation, or, if this is not possible, it is possible to use artificial ventilation, with increased concentration of air entering from the outside.

As for the menu, it is recommended to use a printed menu for single use only, while when providing an electronic menu, there should be disinfectants set up near the menu.

Recommendations are the same for restaurants with outdoor seating areas.

Booking and non-cash payments are recommended as well.

Recommendations also include single use table covers and strengthened cleaning measures in common areas (including in toilets, corridors, halls and in elevators). Areas should be cleaned every two hours.

Starting June 1 all types of produce markets, stores, shopping malls, restaurants with outdoor seating areas will reopen in Georgia.

Starting June 8 restaurants and hotels that have passed the inspections of the Ministry of Health and have the appropriate permits will reopen.
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