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We Try To Keep Low Prices Despite The Fuel Price Increase - Wizz Air

Natia Taktakishvili
13.12.22 15:00
Evelin Jeckel, Acting Network Officer at Wizz Air says the price of aviation fuel will remain high next year as well. Despite this, the representative of low-cost airlines claims that they try to keep ticket prices low.

"If you look at our prices, you will see that they are much lower than any competitor can offer. We cannot control the price of aviation fuel and expect it to remain high in the coming year. What I can say is that we know approximately how much money we will need for fuel and the ticket price will be based on that.

This is one aspect, the other is that we bring to Kutaisi a new jet that consumes less fuel. We have this advantage over our competitors and we intend to use it. The impact of inflation is also felt and we are not immune to what is happening around us. However, we remain committed to still offering our customers the lowest possible price compared to our competitors. In principle, this is also our mission. In particular, to give people the opportunity to fly as cheaply as possible," she said.

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