15.Apr .2020 19:33

Crisis Opportunities - Poti FIZ is considering finding new investors

Crisis Opportunities - Poti FIZ is considering finding new investors
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"This crisis will create additional opportunities," Davit Ebralidze, CEO of the Poti Free Industrial Zone told BM.GE while evaluating the situation created by the spread of coronavirus.

According to Davit Ebralidze, FIZs can play an important role in attracting investors due to the tax benefits that exist in the country. As of him, thinking about it has already started in Poti FIZ, and targeting of potential companies and countries will start in a few weeks.

"We think that after the crisis there will be many new directions from which we will be able to attract potential investors who may want to move their enterprises from Central Asian countries to other countries. We are already thinking about this and are ready to offer ourselves as one of their destinationsfor bringing their production. These weeks will show many things and we think that we will do targeting of those companies, who would think relocate their business. We offer Poti free industrial zone, which is quite large and amounts to 300 ha.

Many do not know the preferences that Georgia has in terms of free trade, as well as the tax benefits, "- said Davit Ebralidze.